Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haylie's Preschool Picture

I have been wanting to post this picture forever - but the scanner was broken and I finally got it working! I didn't order any school pictures but I was sooo tempted because it is classic Haylie! She has become so much more outgoing since then - it would be interesting to see what she would do if they took her picture at the end of the year...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Anna-mal Turns Two!!

In honor of Anna's 2nd birthday, I decided to do a post in honor of the many hi-jinks this little monster pulls. These photos were all taken within the last couple months. But most of these things will happen in a typical day.

We heard crying coming from the girls' room and found Anna trapped in the hamper...the only way to get into the hamper would be to climb on top of the dresser...

"Help me"

This is Anna on her birthday after having received her "Violet" doggie. It talks to her - and we were even able to program it to say her name. She loves it.

Wearing Haylie's goggles

Standing on the dresser - notice the hamper behind her that she fell into...

The bathroom door is always closed - but if she sees it open for any reason, it takes her about 2.3 seconds to make her way into the sink.

Wearing Grandpa Garry's shoes (you'll notice she has a thing for shoes)

She actually got her head stuck in the railing at my parent's house. I always thought this was not actually possible - and I had flashbacks to that episode of Full House where DJ spreads butter all over the head of the kid she's babysitting to try and get him out...anyone else remember that? Thankfully, the child is skinny enough and we were able to have her crawl all the way through the railing because her head was certainly not going back the way it came. She was not happy about that.

Wearing Haylie's boots

This is after her latest eye appointment - they had to dilate her eyes and gave her these tiny glasses to shield her from the sun. She actually liked them and kept them on all day! BTW, her cyst is fine - it is not growing and does not appear to be affecting her vision at all. However, she does have an astigmatism now that may require glasses in the future. All in all, her eyes are just fine.

Anna had a pretty bad rash for a while and I was using this nasty smelling, pasty diaper cream and she got into it and spread it all over her face! EEEEEW!

In a matter of months, she went from being deathly afraid of the vacuum to wanting to help me every time I pull it out. She LOVES to vacuum now and refuses to let me help her.

She likes sweeping too.

I put the gate up so Anna can't get into the kitchen so here she is trying to crawl under the gate...backwards...she never quite made it.

Sometimes I forget to put the gate up...

...and she gets into the cornstarch. Look at that guilty face!

Computer geek in training

Diva in training. Wearing my heels - she made it all the way down the hall and to the living room without falling - impressive.

Chillin in the rocker listening to music.
I sure do love this kid. She's got enough energy to power the city of Clovis, and she can yell loud enough for the city to hear. She's strong-willed and throws tantrums. But she has personality for miles. She is too smart for her own good and makes us laugh all the time. I can't believe she is already 2! We love you Anna! Happy birthday!