Thursday, August 28, 2008

Kristie's No-Fail Weight Loss Plans*

*Patent Pending

Trying to lose some baby weight? Got a few extra pounds that just won't go away? I have just the thing for you. Try one of my 2 plans and I guarantee immediate results! I used Plan 1 to lose baby weight after I had Haylie. Plan 2 after Anna.

Plan 1:
Purchase a beautiful new home. Make sure your next door neighbor is a paranoid schizophrenic determined to eliminate you and your family from existence. After she breaks your bedroom window in the middle of the night and threatens to kill your husband, you'll be too scared to eat (or do anything else for that matter). Bada Bing, Bada Boom. Extra pounds gone.

Plan 2:
Contract gut-wrenching virus that causes vomiting and diarrhea that won't stop until there is absolutely nothing left in your body. Nothing. Then, once again, you'll be too scared to eat. All you have to do is watch the numbers on the scale drop.

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!!! I offer my secrets to you absolutely free of charge!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Belated Anniversary to Us

Eric and I celebrated our 6th anniversary on August 16th. We didn't really have any plans to do anything special - just a quiet dinner at home with the kids. Well, our friends Chris and Stefanie were celebrating their anniversary that weekend as well. I spoke to Stefanie Friday evening and they were over in Pismo Beach - she was shocked to hear that Eric and I had never been to Pismo and we talked about how it would be nice to go over there together sometime. Then she suggested that Eric and I go on Saturday and stay with them. Well, we had Sunday commitments, but ended up getting off the phone at about 6:15, packing, and running out the door by about 7:15 Friday night so we could spend the whole day there on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and we had such a good time. A surprise trip for all of us!

We went down to the beach in the morning to find seashells - it was overcast and a little chilly, but not too bad.

Anna had no trouble getting comfy in her stroller.

Haylie is definitely a little beach bum. She loves the water!

This was taken after we had spent the whole day at the beach - Anna was so tired she kinda collapsed on my lap.

That evening we went to the Splash Cafe for clam chowder. The line for this place is insane - apparently it is THE place to get clam chowder in Pismo. It WAS rather delicious!!

Thanks to our friends for helping us celebrate our anniversary!

Love you Eric - can you believe it's been 6 years already?? Time flies when you're having fun!