Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Big Boy Bed

I needed a good excuse to sit down, and realized it has been a long time since I have blogged.  Life is busy - and I've been crazy busy reorganizing my entire house!  About a month ago, I started to feel very anxious about my house - feeling like there was something I was supposed to be doing, or something.  Like Heavenly Father was trying to tell me something but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.  I've been feeling like we're outgrowing the house (which we are) - the house is 997 sq.ft. with 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  A master bedroom, all three kids squeezed into one room, and an office/playroom/sewing room that was just not working out.  I couldn't get on top of the messes being made.  So, after much prayer and consideration, I realized that we just need to work really hard to make our limited space work - be smart about it - sacrifice!  So, we decided to give Ian his own room.  The office/playroom/sewing room was not working, so let's get rid of it!  For the last week, we have been moving furniture, and rearranging all three rooms in the house.  Here's a summary of what has taken place:

*bought a smaller, simpler headboard and footboard for our bed (solid oak sleigh bed still for sale - $200obo)
*moved the TV out of our room (!) will replace it with a flat screen someday...
*moved an entire dresser from our room (now storing some clothes in boxes under the bed)
*moved the computer desk and sewing table into the master bedroom
*removed crib (which is still for sale - $50) from kids room
*got the girls' old toddler bed out of the rafters and painted it green for Ian
*moved all of the girls' toys into their bedroom (now that the crib is no longer in there)
*rearranged closets in Ian's room and master bedroom

There is still a lot of work to be done (and a lot of stuff to be thrown away or stored) but man I feel so good about the progess so far! 

Ian (who is almost 15 months old) LOVES his new room.  He can't tell me he loves it with words, but his actions are pretty clear.  The first couple nights he was in his big-boy bed, he was in the room with the girls.  It took about an hour each night to get him to settle down and go to sleep.  This is typical when you first make the transition from crib to bed, but last night was his first night in his own room and he did not get out of bed ONCE!  Eric tucked him into bed, and we never heard another peep out of him!  Same story with his morning nap today.  I tucked him in and he was out.  I think he really values the quiet (I don't blame him - his sisters are just too much sometimes!!)  This morning when he woke up, he immediately started playing with some of his toys and I just heard cute sounds coming from his room.  He is so happy!  And so am I!

I never thought that losing our "extra" room would make me feel so much better, and feel like I have MORE space than before, but I do!  It is such a great feeling.  I really wish I had "before and after" shots, but for now, this picture will have to do.  Ian fell asleep on the floor yesterday.  I think he was admiring himself in his cute little mirror and wore himself out!  ;-)