Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Wish I Was a Preschooler...

I volunteered in Haylie's preschool class last Friday. I gotta' tell you...I've always said I'm not a big fan of other people's kids...and I mean that in the sense that - I don't like being responsible for other people's kids. It kinda stresses me out. Over the last 6 months or so, I've been suffering from a bit of anxiety...and being with a bunch of 4-year-olds would seem like the last thing I'd want to do. Well, I've volunteered 3 times now and I think it is quite possibly the best therapy ever. I have come to know all the kids in Haylie's class and I absolutely adore them! On Friday, it was raining outside so the kids didn't get to do their normal outdoor activities to get their wiggles out, so they did some indoor singing and dancing time. I captured this video and I laugh out loud every time I watch it. Can you believe that I actually had the thought that day that it would be fun to teach preschool?? But you know, I had the thought that we are counseled in the scriptures by Jesus Christ to become like little children. Sometimes you just have to get down to the basics and laugh and have fun - I hope this brings a smile to your face. :-D

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Fun, etc.

Now that I have my camera back I just can't stop taking pictures. I've really been wanting to make Gingerbread men so we invited our friends over to help. (Anna slept through it all - that is why she is absent from the pictures)

Haylie, Elora, and Cami looking on while I roll out the dough

Cami is ready to cut out a Christmas tree!

Haylie, Elora and Erin

Watching the little men bake - we can't wait to eat them!!

As I was cleaning yesterday, Anna really wanted to help

She got to sweep some...


She found a spider and followed him around the room. At one point she was almost "nose-to-nose" with the spider because she wanted to get a real good look at him. Definitely no arachnophobia here!

Enjoying some spaghetti O's

Haylie has a very unique "style" (if you can call it that). Lately she has been under the impression that tights are actually leggings - to be worn alone...I humor her in the house but have to put my foot down when it is time to leave the house. This is one of her more creative outfits. Notice the princess note pad tucked in to her tights. And her snow hat topped with reindeer antlers that are broken so she has to hold them up with her hands. And the bare midriff is incredibly attractive, is it not? One day she is probably going to be very unhappy with me for posting this...;-)

And here she is eating the gingerbread house she made at preschool. She said "Look, Mommy, I'm eating like a pig!" Yup.

Notice the frosting on her nose? Must have been good!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter Wonderland

My camera broke the day before Halloween, so that is one excuse for being such a blog-slacker. We just bought ourselves a new camera for Christmas so I've been snapping away!

First, I have a couple pictures of our FREEZING cold morning this morning. Our outdoor thermometer read 27 degrees!!

I don't think this picture captured the frost real well, but it was WHITE outside. The field at Haylie's school was completely white, it really looked like it had snowed. Brrr!

Last Saturday, I got to go to a Scholastic books warehouse sale and got lots of books for the girls for Christmas. I decided that this year we were going to minimize, so the girls are only getting books and a few little articles of clothing for Christmas. In the afternoon we all decorated the tree together, then that night we went to the Clovis Christmas parade. Here are some pics (in no particular order!!)

Haylie and Mommy at the parade - it was COLD!

Anna and Daddy - Anna is pointing at the horses

Here are the girls playing with their Little People Nativity that Grandma Jo got them last year - it is the BEST gift because they can play with it and they leave my other Nativities alone! The only thing I don't like is that there are a lot of pieces and Joseph is currently missing - it makes me crazy when I can't find all the pieces (yes, I'm a little OCD!)

Haylie decorating
Daddy and Haylie and Anna
Anna LOVES the bells we put on the tree

The finished product
We are all so excited for Christmas. Today we are going to be making Gingerbread dough to roll out and cut out gingerbread men tomorrow. Cookies and treats are some of my favorite things about Christmas! And, of course, celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I do hope I can be a good example to my children and teach them the true meaning of Christmas and help them to know what really matters.