Friday, October 2, 2009

Ariel and the Speckled Egg

So I guess I was right! The peer pressure finally got to Ariel and she laid her first egg yesterday! It was the strangest egg I've ever seen! Brown with white speckles and one super dark brown smudge. The white speckles are sort of raised up too...very strange. From what I have read, the color of the egg comes from the chicken's skin pigment. For example, Cinderella's legs were a yellowish color before she started laying eggs - then the pigment went out of her legs and into her now her legs are almost white. So, Ariel's legs are still very yellow - my guess is that the her body is still working on getting the pigment into the shell. But in the meantime - I think we have to coolest eggs ever!

Here is a sampling of all the eggs. Snow White's blue eggs, Ariel's speckled egg, and Cinderellas light brown eggs.

A close-up of the speckles.


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Welcome Autumn!!

I posted on Facebook that I had my decorations up for Fall - and a friend asked me to post some pictures so she could get some ideas. I don't have many decorations, and I just realized that most of them are homemade! So anyway, here are some pics:

I bought those fake flowers at the dollar store - a very cheap and very easy way to decorate! The "Pumpkins 25c" sign I made at Enrichment a couple years ago - I painted those pumpkins! The other little pumkins and candle I've received as gifts over the years.

I made this wall hanging 2 years ago I think - I believe I posted it on my blog before - but it was very easy to do - especially if you enjoy embroidery...I have the pattern if anybody is interested.

I like this picture cuz it shows my wall hanging, my Fall quilt, and you can see my other decorations in the mirror! That is pretty much the extent of my decorations...

And lastly, the candy corn on the front door - don't know if you can see that it says "Trick or Treat" on the largest candy corn. This was a gift.

I also bought some window clings at the dollar store yesterday - I'm planning on letting the girls stick them to the front window this afternoon - I'll post a pic of that later.

So there you have it - nothing fancy...but I sure do love this time of year!

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