Monday, September 27, 2010

Little Picasso

Anna's latest:

Notice the notebook right there? You know, the notebook I bought for her to color in? Nah - carpet is more fun. The one thing I can say is that I am grateful I bought the Crayola Washable Markers!!! A little bit of carpet spot cleaner and a damp cloth and I was able to get it up pretty easily.
*Crayola did not pay me for this advertisement*
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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Haylie's First Soccer Game

Eric was really excited to sign Haylie up for soccer this year. She is on a team with a bunch of her friends from kindergarten and they are so cute! Most of the practices have been pretty hilarious - and we wondered if an actual game was even going to be possible...but they really stepped up! Eric is the assistant coach - so he gets to be out there on the field with the kids the whole time.

Haylie throwing the ball in

Nice action shot - Haylie is not shy on the field, that's for sure

She actually scored 3 goals!

Chillin' with the team in the shade (it was HOT out there today!)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Hair Cuts

Haylie asked me the other day if she could get her hair cut - and I had actually been thinking that I wanted to get Anna's hair cut as well. So I called a friend who has a little salon in her home.

Haylie didn't want me to take her picture...doesn't she look sassy??

Anna looks a little sad here, but really she was sooo relaxed from having her hair combed and cut, she actually looked like she might fall asleep right there in the chair! She did sooo well for her very first haircut!

The finished product:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Code Yellow

Code Yellow: The code they announce over the intercom in Target when a child is missing. How do I know this? I had the lovely experience of telling a Target employee that my child was missing this morning. I went in to Target to buy one thing...ONE THING!! Anna wanted to ride in the big ginormous cart and I said no because we were going to go in, buy my iron pills (just found out I'm anemic), and leave. So she put on her best pouty face and walked with me towards the pharmacy. Then stopped. I told her to come with me, counted to 3, then walked towards her to make her come and she took off. Well, I'm not moving so quickly these days - 7 months pregnant and experiencing a lot of pain in my c-section incision site (from previous c-sections). The scar tissue has to stretch as the baby grows and it is very painful. I literally cannot run after her. So I waddle myself in the direction she went - thinking that she would realize Mom is not around, get scared and come back. Nope. She was gone. Now I'm starting to panic. I called Eric and immediately started crying while telling him I can't find Anna. He said to go find an employee and tell them that I can't find her. Hello embarrassing. Well, I found someone right then, she got her walky-talky and announced CODE YELLOW. She told me that when they say that, somebody will immediately block the exits so that nobody can leave the store. I gave her a description and it took probably 1 minute or less for them to find her...guess where? Yup - the toy section. She was carrying a Polly Pocket toy and completely oblivious to the fact that she had scared the snot out of me. Actually I'm not sure I was as scared as I was embarrassed. Here I am hobbling around pregnant with my 3rd child and I can't even seem to control #2. Sheesh. Needless to say, she did not get her Polly Pocket that she so independently shopped for. I got my iron pills and got the heck out of there. I had to be somewhere right then, but as soon as I was finished there, I went straight to Kmart (didn't want to return to the "scene of the crime") and bought a harness/leash for her. She has officially lost any freedom she had previously enjoyed (abused).

She doesn't seem too upset about it yet...but we'll see...
So, if you see me hobbling around with my child attached to a leash, you'll know why. It had to be done. Guess maybe next time I'll say yes to the giant cart...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

WWE-G and Floating Heads

Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment - Girls

Last night I heard lots of giggling outside and went out to find the girls having a wrestling match. They took turns tackling each other to the ground. It was very cute and it didn't even end in tears (as these games often do!) I love it when they find ways to play "nicely" together.

The girls got to pick out a toy at the dollar store and they picked glow stick glasses...

Here is a shot with no flash...floating heads!!!

I love these girlies.

How To Dispose of A Useless Piano

Eric went out with a bunch of guys from church and shot the you-know-what out of it. It was a little depressing for me since that was my very first piano, but I was grateful that we didn't have to pay anyone to come and haul it away for us!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Adding to my Resume: Tooth Fairy

Haylie lost her very first tooth today! It has been loose for about 2 weeks now and I have been begging her to let me pull it out, but she refused. It was literally hanging by a thread when she got home from school today. I made her a bagel with cream cheese for lunch and she was eating it outside when all of a sudden she comes running into the house. "Mommy, Mommy, my tooth just fell out all by itself!!!" She was eating her bagel and the tooth got stuck in it - and she felt it crunch!

I have never seen such a look of pure excitement. She immediately wanted to call Eric and tell him to come home so he could see her tooth. She also wanted to write a note to the tooth fairy and ask her if she could keep her tooth (she saw that on one of her cartoons). I am very excited to play Tooth Fairy tonight and leave a little something under her pillow. And by a little something, I mean like, a quarter. I can't believe the amount of money kids get these days! I mean, to each is own, but let's set the bar low for tooth #1, eh? ;-)

It's probably just me, but I swear she aged a few years with that little gap!!
Her note to the tooth fairy - so cute!

And of course, Anna wanted to get in on the toothy action...nice.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Spy...

I know I've been posting a lot about Anna lately - but she and I have been spending a lot more time together with Haylie in school. Last night, Anna was apparently not tired at bedtime. So she kept getting up and collecting things around the house to take to bed with her. In this picture, you will notice: a stroller, a flashlight, a baby doll, a stuffed frog, a coin bank full of coins, a pencil, a pad of paper that you cannot see, a band-aid on her ankle because she apparently had an ouchy, and her entire collection of silky blankets. Reminds me of an I Spy book. :-)

And, because she's just too cute...had to post these pics as well:

I found this Jumperoo at a yard sale and have it sitting in the garage waiting for baby. Any chance she gets, Anna climbs on in and makes herself comfortable. She says "I sit baby's" meaning "I sit in baby's toy."

She wanted me to roll her hair in these rollers. She thought that was pretty cool.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spotlight on Anna

Well...I almost had a heart attack today at my friend Sue's house. I was picking Haylie up from her piano lesson and talking to Sue - the girls were playing with Sue's daughter - or so I thought. Out of the blue, Anna comes into the living room and shows me her fingers - all caked with nail polish. I thought for sure we were going to find nail polish spilled all over her carpets and I thought I just might die. THANKFULLY, and I don't know HOW she managed, but there was just one little drop on the computer desk where she was painting. She had 6 or 7 bottles of polish opened and not a single one spilled out. PHEW!

She peeled some of the paint off before I got the picture...but she had it on THICK - all around the tips of her fingers...

Here's my little angel after having put soap in her hair and posing adorably for the camera:

Every once in a while, she surprises me and does something really sweet and cute...she loves to sit on my lap while I sew and "help" me. (Although, I am running out of lap these days...)

She's developed a love for books and I love that she loves them! But she likes to pull them ALL off the shelf, then read...

And here she is - the picture of innocence, right?

I do love my little Anna. She keeps me on my toes and I'm sure she's giving me gray hairs, but I can't help but love that little face.