Friday, February 20, 2009

I Think I'm a Cannibal...

...cuz I just want to gobble up my cute girls!! Here's my disclaimer: I've been on my anti-depressant for 10 weeks now - they say around 8 weeks you feel the maximum effects of the drug. So, for the last couple weeks I've been on a bit of a "high", so to speak. I feel great, I'm energetic, I'm happy, I'm rediscovering my sense of humor, etc. So I apologize for the boasting I'm about to do about how stinkin' adorable my girls are.

I'm falling obnoxiously in love with my girls all over again and it is sooo fun! I have been enjoying them so much - appreciating their little personalities - finding just how different they are from one another - and just loving them to pieces. My friend Erin just got a fancy camera and has been looking for "test subjects" to help her learn how to use the camera, make poses work, etc. So I volunteered my girls for her to experiment on. May I just say that, yes, the fact that I have the cutest kids ever made the pictures turn out gorgeous, but I also gotta' hand it to Erin - she captured my girls on film like I have never seen them before. Very rarely does anybody see Haylie as she really is since she is so shy - well, she showed herself to Erin and I am just soooo happy to have these pictures to hold on to forever. We got to see both girls happy, sad, thoughtful, tired, etc - they just went through the motions.

This was quite frankly the best photo shoot ever. I didn't even have to leave the comfort of my own home. We spread a white sheet over my couch and opened the shades to let the natural light in and went for it. The girls were sitting on the floor in front of the couch with the sheet spread out under them.

Ok - so - there are so many amazing pictures that I couldn't just pick one or two or three to print out to hang on the wall. So I made picture collages using Picasa and I sorta' went nuts. I only have so much wall space so I need your help. Go to - leave a comment on the collage(s) you like best - then I'll have them printed and decide where in the house I'm going to put them!

After you're done leaving your comment under your favorites, come back here and leave a comment so I know you've voted.

Thanks for your help! I can't wait to see what you think! can see the whole collection of pictures (all 170 of them!!) here.

Haylie's Getting Married...

Last night, Eric and I went to the temple. As we were driving to Eric's sister's house to drop off the girls, this is the conversation I had with Haylie:

Haylie: Are you going to get married at the temple?

Me: We already got married at the temple. Do you want to get married in the temple?

Haylie: Yeah, with Phelan (one of her friends in Sunbeams, he belongs to my friend Heather). He's going to be the prince and I'm going to be the princess and we'll get married and kiss yucky.

Me: *Laughing hysterically*

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Diffused!!!

I did it, people! I used some Garnier Fructis mousse that I actually bought for Haylie's crazy hair. Then I used some Garnier Fructis conditioning glaze and voila! Maybe I should audition for a Garnier commercial! hahahahahahaha!!! But seriously, I was rather pleased with how my hair turned out for church today. AND it only took a few minutes to do!! Thanks for the advice!!!

Here are some mug shots:

Friday, February 13, 2009

Haylie's Faces

My last post was mostly a joke - but I really did need those step-by-step instructions so thank you to all who contributed. ;-) I will try again and post a pic to show you how it turns out. Although I may need to get a different "diffuser" - we'll see. It's raining today so I really have no desire to actually do my hair.

So I plugged in my camera the other day and found these pictures waiting for me. I cracked up - hopefully you all can get a good laugh in today as well:

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something Has Gone Terribly Wrong..

Ahem....I THOUGHT the diffuser was supposed to make my hair LESS frizzy.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do YOU Know What a Diffuser Is???

So, I'm growing my hair out, but if there is one thing I hate, it's spending hours in the bathroom getting ready - hence the short hair for the last several years. My hair has some natural wave to it, not enough to be curly - just enough to look frizzed out and ridiculous - so I usually end up straightening it before I go out in public. Well, one day I decided to just blow it dry and leave it "wavy" - I put some "Conditioning Glaze" on it which was supposed to make it shiny and not-so-frizzy. I went to my friend's house and asked if it looked like I tried to do my hair or if it just looked like I jumped out of the shower and let nature take its course. She said that it looked cute, but perhaps a little bit frizzy. (I love that I have friends who will be honest with me and help me find a solution for my bad hair days...) She asked if I had a diffuser. I promptly replied that no, I do not. I didn't even know what a diffuser was, to be perfectly honest. So she showed me her diffuser and I thought, hmm...maybe I do have one of those...I think it came with my hair dryer.

So fast forward a few days, I start going through my cabinets to see if I can find the diffuser that came with my hair dryer. I found it, but it didn't quite look like the one my friend showed me. So I did what anybody would do - I took a picture of it and e-mailed it to my knowledgeable friend. She wrote back and said that she was not sure - because it did look quite different than hers - but said it would probably suffice.

So I left the "diffuser" out on the bathroom counter. Keep in mind that I have not talked to Eric about any of this. He came home from work and saw it on the counter and says, "Oh, did you use your diffuser today?" WHAT? I promptly started in with 20 questions: "How did YOU know that was a diffuser? Who told you that's what it's called? How in the world to YOU know what a diffuser is when I had no idea??" He just looked at me like I was nuts. But seriously, Eric is a very intelligent man, but I wouldn't exactly call him an expert when it comes to women's beauty products. Am I seriously the only one who did not know what this was??

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Rock Painting

While we were out at the Kings River, I picked up a few rocks that I thought would be fun to paint one night - so for Family Home Evening we talked about families and had fun painting rocks as a family. This is what we came up with:

The big crazy one at the top is Eric's, the ladybug is mine, and the other three are Haylie's. She also wanted to paint a bunch of the acorns she collected at the river. All she has wanted to do is paint ever since!

While we were painting, Miss Anna was up to her usual mischief. She is a very inquisitive child. We had a leak under the sink so we had to pull everything out to let it dry. She opened up the cupboard and realized there was a nice wide open space in there...

...and thought it might be fun to go exploring...

...she crawled back and forth - just checkin' things out.

Speaking of Anna, she had her 1-year checkup today and she is almost EXACTLY the same size Haylie was at one year. So weird how much they are alike - physically anyway...