Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Medicine Lake 2009

We had a great time at the lake this year. Medicine Lake is a small lake up near Mt. Shasta - probably about an hour from the Oregon border. Eric's family has been going there for years and years - his mom started going there as a child with her parents. Eric's Grandpa has a cabin right on the lake and it is absolutely a gorgeous place. I took over 200 pictures while we were there (who loves digital cameras???) so I just chose a few of my favorites to post here and you can go to my Picasa web album to see the rest...

Each time we go, the men do a "wood project" - usually involves using that nifty wood splitter to make small logs that will fit into the fireplace. Haylie really wanted to help out so she found a {giant} pair of gloves and was SUCH a good helper. She was picking up the little logs that Eric was tossing down behind him and carrying them into the little shed behind her and stacking it! Grandpa Terry was so impressed that his 4-year old granddaughter was helping with the wood project!

One of our favorite things to do at the lake is hunt for little creatures. This is a Southern long-toed salamander. We found quite a few this year - so fun!

This was our attempt at a family photo with Mt. Shasta in the background but the girls weren't feelin' it.

Eric and I went shooting one day - don't I look like one of Charlie's Angels? hahahahaha! We shot a 9 millimeter, a .38 special, and a .22 rifle. FUN STUFF!!!

Here's Eric waterskiing and Haylie holding on to the pole like she's the one responsible for keeping him up!

Haylie went in the tube all by herself! She had so much fun!

This is an adult Sierran tree frog we caught - it didn't want to leave Haylie's thumb. She kept saying "Jump, froggy, jump!" But he stayed on her thumb for quite a long time.

This is actually a wind-surfing board but they had fun floating around on it like it was a raft.

This is the first time I have ever seen Eric sit down and read a book. He is usually too busy at home to read, so I'm glad he had a chance to relax enough at the lake to enjoy a book.
There are so many more fun pictures - click here to see them!
And a big thanks to Eric's parents for hosting our week up there - they do so much to make the week enjoyable for us.


Jenn said...

Looks like fun and relaxing!

kelly said...

Great pics, and yes, you do look like a Charlie's Angel!

jennifer said...

what a fun trip! i love the picture with haylie's crazy hair - sooo cute!

Kristie said...

Most pictures we have of Haylie are with crazy hair! Her hair refuses to "grow up"! ;-)