Friday, October 2, 2009

Ariel and the Speckled Egg

So I guess I was right! The peer pressure finally got to Ariel and she laid her first egg yesterday! It was the strangest egg I've ever seen! Brown with white speckles and one super dark brown smudge. The white speckles are sort of raised up too...very strange. From what I have read, the color of the egg comes from the chicken's skin pigment. For example, Cinderella's legs were a yellowish color before she started laying eggs - then the pigment went out of her legs and into her now her legs are almost white. So, Ariel's legs are still very yellow - my guess is that the her body is still working on getting the pigment into the shell. But in the meantime - I think we have to coolest eggs ever!

Here is a sampling of all the eggs. Snow White's blue eggs, Ariel's speckled egg, and Cinderellas light brown eggs.

A close-up of the speckles.


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kelly said...

That's fun. My kids always ask me to get the brown eggs at the store, when we got some bluish and speckled ones from friends they were beside themselves, for some reason it's more fun to eat the colorful eggs even though they look the same inside.

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