Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacation July 2011

We decided to keep our vacation simple this year. We went to Fallbrook to visit with family and spent some time at the cabin in Big Bear with just our little family. I forgot my camera so all of these pictures were taken with my phone. Not super high quality but you get the point. We had a great time seeing cousins and grandmas and grandpas, etc...
At the beach - Anna was a little scared of the waves (which was fine with me!!) and stayed ashore most of the time. I taught the girls (and some cousins too) how to catch sand crabs. They thought that was pretty cool. Ian hung out in his playpen and with Grandma Jane in the shade.
You know us...we can't really go anywhere without catching critters along the way. This is a blue-tailed skink...Uncle David and (cousin) Steven found it in Grandma Jane's kitchen! I did not even know these existed in Fallbrook. It was very cool. We admired him for a while then let him go back outside.
At Grandma Jo's house, cousins Shea and Remi came over for a sleepover. All the girlies cute!

At Big Bear lake, the girls were very excited to go fishing. They did not catch anything, but they had a great time!
Ian just chilled in his stroller. See how his feet are sticking out? This is how he rides in the stroller. It's hilarious!
Mommy and Little Man. He loves the backpack!
When we got home, I felt a little bit like I needed a vacation from my vacation, but it was fun.