Monday, November 7, 2011

Monkey Boy

I know I've been posting a lot about Ian, but I just really can't help myself.  I've put together a bunch of pictures I've captured of him over the last several weeks.  He has become quite the talented climber.  I thought Anna was good, but Ian is taking it to a new level.  He'll be 11 months in a couple days and he is just so adventurous.

Using my purse as a pillow in the shopping cart at Winco.

 He pulled himself up onto the ottoman, then climbed up onto the rocking chair!

 This is Mr. Snuggly at Haylie's soccer game on Saturday.  It was COLD out there!

I brought in a storage container to get winter clothes out for Anna.  It got turned over on its side, and little man climbed on up and checked out the goods on the cabinet.

 This picture was catching him on his way down...but he had his chin all the way up over the top of the cabinet.  Oy.

Usually he's trying to climb OUT of the he is trying to get IN! 

 We call this "Jail Baby". 

 First Haircut!

He tries to climb out of the high chair now too.  Even when I strap him in, he can wiggle his pants off and turn around.  SCARY!

We had to put Anna in a big girl bed when she was 14 months old because she was trying to climb out of the crib.  Ian has not tried to climb out of the crib yet, but I have a feeling that day is not far off...Love love love my boy!


kelly said...

So cute! It sure was cold at soccer games on Saturday. I love it, so ready for this weather!