Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Our "Debt-Free by 2013 Plan" is in full swing!  We have been so blessed.  Here are the numbers:

April 2, 2012: Balance $10,026.00
July 10, 2012: Balance $7,863

Truly incredible.  So, many miracles are taking place.  We are going to have to cut back on our payment this month because we will be taking a roadtrip to Arkansas.  Not what we had in mind for this year, but my Grandpa, who just turned 90, is getting baptized.  Miracle.  Grandpa has always been incredibly supportive of my Grandma, and the church, but has never had much interest in being a member himself.  He met some sweet sister missionaries who were able to wiggle their way into his heart and teach him the gospel.  I told Eric I wasn't missing this for the world, and I felt very strongly that we all needed to be there.  So we're gonna make it happen. 

In the meantime, I decided that I wanted to make some blackberry pies to sell to benefit our Debt-Free Plan.  I figured I'd have enough berries to make about 10 pies.  I figured at $10 each I'd make $100 to put on the credit card.  At first the sales were slow-going (advertised on Facebook), and then I had to turn people away. :-(  I just took the 10th pie out of the oven and still have ripe berries to make 2 or 3 more pies...and the blackberry bush is still exploding...Miracle.  The blackberry bush has new blossoms...Miracle.  Blackberry bushes only blossom once.  Seriously.  Call me crazy, but I think that since Heavenly Father is so supportive of our Debt-Free Plan, He has made the blackberries over-produce so that I can sell more pies.  It is truly miraculous. 

Our latest bounty

I am so grateful that we can witness miracles, even today.  Pie, anyone?