Saturday, March 16, 2013

Savings Account??

We have a savings account.  Well, we've always had a savings account - we've just never been able to keep anything in it!  I had to post a picture - a screenshot of our Chase account, which we opened specifically for the purpose of getting out of debt.  Recap:  Last February I opened a Chase Credit Card with 0% interest for 15 months.  I transferred our CC balance to that card with the goal of paying it all off within that 15 months.  Starting balance: $13,160.00.  We set up the Chase checking account to receive a direct deposit totaling $700/month that would go straight to the CC.  We officially made our last payment on March 1st. 12 months!!  We are going to continue to have the money deposited into the checking account, then promptly transferred to the savings account.  So the screenshot below shows a balance in the SAVINGS account - and a $-.07 balance on the credit card.  Notice also, the statement showing that the credit card account has been CLOSED and is UNAVAILABLE for use.  :-)  This makes me happy.  I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who purchased pies from me, or brought me sewing projects, or payed me to babysit your kids, or just plain cheered me on along the way.  Every little extra bit helped, and we witnessed SO many miracles through this process.  I am soo excited to be here - it sorta felt like we'd never see the day!  WOOHOO!!!