Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy First Day of Spring!

I love Springtime! I had some visitors to my birdbath yesterday - I think they were just passing through the neighborhood - but at one point there were 10 robins back there - I didn't even know we had robins in the area, but we had fun watching them through the window.

We finally got a picture of Anna smiling - she has been doing it a lot lately - so cute!

Haylie was outside playing and heard Charlie's dogs, Bear and Ladybug, outside and decided she wanted to see them - this is how I found her when I went out - can we say "resourceful"?

Just snapping some shots of Anna on the couch - pictures never seem to do her justice...

Grandma Jo made Haylie a "silky" nightgown - but she wears it as a princess dress with her crown
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