Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Follow-up Eye Appointment

Anna had her second eye appointment today and it went really well. They dilated her eyes - I've never had my eyes dilated but am told that it can be very uncomfortable - well, it didn't even phase her - she was great! The doctor said that her eyes dilated well - meaning that the muscles in her eyes are working properly - so that is good. The cyst is still there, but is not impairing her vision at all. I think it is truly amazing that they can tell if a 3 month old is seeing properly! She was still crossing her eyes a bit in the office, but she (Dr. Lanier) attributed that to the dilation making it difficult for her to focus and said not to worry. So, they want to see us back in 6 months just to check up on things. I have a feeling we'll probably be seeing the opthalmologist every 6 months or so until the cyst is gone - which could actually take a couple years. In the meantime, she should be just fine. What a relief. Although, I have to admit that I think babies with glasses are absolutely adorable!! hehe...

I've had so many people (including the doctor) lately say "She has such a perfect little face" - I love hearing that kind of thing because mothers always think their own kids are the cutest - so it's fun when other people actually agree!!!


kelly said...

I am so glad to hear that everything is ok! I have to agree about babies in glasses. When Micah was 2 months old I got new glasses and we took pictures of him in the baby sized glasses.