Friday, July 17, 2009

Anna Banana

I have so much I need to post about and have been a blog-slacker! So I'll start out with a little collection of pictures of Anna. She is a funny little girl. My mother-in-law says that she has a confidence about her and I agree. She sorta' walks around like she owns the place - and it doesn't matter where she is! So I've got some cute shots of her in action. I'm also trying to appreciate my children in their current phases of life. Anna happens to be in that stage where she doesn't talk a whole lot, but really wants to get through to me, so I hear a lot of "EH!" throughout the day. It can be very frustrating, so I'm posting some things about her that make me happy.

She loves to wear shoes. As a matter of fact, that is one of the newest words in her limited vocabulary. Here she was carrying my purse and waving bye-bye to me like she was going to leave.

This is what happens when your kid refuses to let you feed her, but hasn't quite mastered the art of using a spoon. Yogurt, anyone?

This is our new entertainment cabinet, it has cubby holes at the sides - just the right size for a mischievous little girl.

Sitting in the computer chair "texting" - then she would close the phone and put it up to her ear and have a conversation. I wonder where she learned that...

She is very much a daddy's girl. Whenever she says his name, she whispers it, like she is saying it with some sort of reverence or something. She runs for the door when he gets home from work and pretty much won't let him out of her sight after that.
She loves her big sister, but at the same time doesn't let Haylie boss her around.
She has recently been attempting to climb out of her crib. It freaks me out. Thankfully, at night and in the morning, Haylie yells for me to come when Anna starts climbing. But right now, for example, she is fighting her nap and I'm afraid that at any moment I will hear a thump. I'd like to think, "Well, if she falls out then she'll learn that she shouldn't to that". And I do think that, but I really don't want her to get hurt!!
She's such a blessing to our family and I just love her to pieces. This was fun, I think I'll post about Haylie in a couple days. ;-)


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