Saturday, February 27, 2010

Daddy Daughter Date

Eric and Haylie went to the Daddy Daughter dance last night at Haylie's school. It was a 50's theme so I made Haylie a poodle skirt (the last poodle skirt I made for her fits Anna now!)

They went out to eat pizza then went and danced their hearts out. Haylie's concept of dancing consists of spinning around in circles as fast as possible - so needless to say, they didn't last long! Eric got dizzy and Haylie got a tummy ache - apparently she ate too much pizza - so when they got home, she asked to go straight to bed. Umm...yes!

She has been Eric's shadow all day today - she really loved having that extra special time with Daddy.

So here are some pictures:

Miss Grump does not like to waver from her usual fashion. She loved the poodle skirt, but did not like that she had to wear her "church shoes" with it (she wanted to wear her brown boots). She also did not like the headband in her hair. This is why she is wearing such a sour face.
Anna felt left out so I got her dressed in Haylie's old poodle skirt - CUTE!
After Anna joined in, Haylie started to perk up -look..a smile!!
Eric went for the "richie" look rather than the traditional "greaser" look.

Haylie and Eric always take the cutest pictures together! (Notice the headband came out and the flower went in - this is the pink flower she wears every single day to school.)
I'm so glad that Haylie has such a fun daddy to look up to and love.