Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Welcome Spring!

March 22 -
Saturday was such a beautiful day - perfectly Springy! Other than the allergies that come with Spring, it is my favorite season! So what else is there to do in the Spring than go buy 2 more chicks??!!

We are pleased to introduce Princess Tiana and Belle.

Here are our two new princess chicks with our own little Princess Haylie

While we were out playing with the chicks, Eric found a little toadie in our {soon to be} pond...of course he had to be rescued...and played with...

And...another sure sign of Spring...

Eric's favorite pastime - catching gophers. Ew.

We've also seen the box turtle out and about - and Sunday we heard a scratch scratch scratching coming from the tortoise's hibernation box in the closet. He came out of hibernation the day after Spring Equinox...kind of amazing how that works!
We're very excited for more beautiful spring weather!