Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life With Three

If the frequency with which I have been blogging is any indication as to how I am doing with three children, well, you'll notice I haven't blogged since BEFORE the baby was born...things are much busier now. For example, it is about 1:00pm and this is how my day has gone: Haylie came in at 5:00am complaining that her ear hurt. Eric gave her Tylenol and she went back to bed. She came back in at 7am crying - her ear still hurt. I called the nurse line and begged for a phone appointment since I had my own doctors appointment at 9:45am that I could not miss. Then I called my neighbor to see if she could come sit with the girls during my appointment. At about 8:00am I was sorting through the kids medications looking for the kids' Tylenol. Something had spilled in the basket and all the medicines were sticky. As I was washing the sticky bottles, Anna grabbed the basket and took a bite out of an adult Tylenol tablet that had fallen to the bottom of the basket and had been soaked in whatever medication had spilled. I panicked and took her straight to the bathroom and stuck my finger down her throat to get her to throw it up - she wouldn't throw up but then I remembered the poison control number on my refirgerator. Called poison control, was assured that she was going to be just fine. (For the record, a 25 lb child can tolerate 2000mg (!) of adult Tylenol before you have to worry) Why didn't I call the poison control line before sticking my finger down her throat??? Well, she didn't seem to mind, she was actually laughing as I did it. Nice. Moving on...Doctor called at 9 am and thankfully agreed to give Haylie a prescription over the phone. Neighbor arrived at 9:15, I went to my appointment, then waited at the pharmacy for 2 prescriptions - fed Ian in the pharmacy while I waited. Returned home to find two happy girls hanging out with our sweet neighbor. THEN, Anna was playing with her Zhu Zhu Pet (a small hampster toy that rolls around on the hard floor and makes noises) - decided to lay down next to her Zhu Zhu Pet and got her hair caught in the wheels. I had to cut her hair to get it out.
Then, just as I was beginning to write this post, Ian spit up all over me - I had to change my shirt AND my pants, AND scrub the couch. And somehow he only managed to get one little drop on himself. Needless to say, I am staying busy, but loving it. Oh, and I should mention that the little dude is just getting over RSV (Respiratory Syncitial Virus) as well. For a couple of days he was so congested that he could barely eat and couldn't sleep on his back, so I ended up sleeping sitting up with him on my chest. He came out of it pretty quickly and without incident, so I can't complain too much.

My Zoloft is working great - I've had no signs of post-partum so far, thankfully. I'm tired and exhausted, but wouldn't trade it for anything. I am so blessed.


kelly said...

Three was the hardest for me and with 4 I didn't even notice it to be any harder. I'm glad you are doing well, your baby is a cutie!