Sunday, February 27, 2011


I suppose that this day is more sweet than bitter, but I just feel like this little dude is growing up way too fast! Here is a picture of Ian in his bassinet at 10 weeks.
He's too big! Granted, he usually sleeps with his legs curled up so technically he still fits, but as soon as he stretches out, he hits his head. Sooo, I figured it was time to put up the crib. We decided to put him in the girls' room and it is a little scrunched in there, but the girls are very happy to have him as a roommate.

He's happy in his new bed

My handsome little man

Finally, the boy actually looks tiny. ;-)
Isn't that bedding adorable? It's from Ikea and I love it. And he did great for his first night in the crib - he only got up once at about 3 a.m. I love this little guy so much, and it is soo nice to have my bedroom back to normal, but I gotta admit I'm gonna miss having him close to me at night...
PS...don't worry, I did not leave the pillow in his bed. I know that is a no-no. I just put it there for the pictures.


The Family said...

He is getting so big already! The third goes by so fast - that baby-phase is over in a blink.
I love that bedding too - I'm going to have to start thinking about letting Gavin into a toddler-bed (sniff). Although, it is nice that he is not able to roam the house yet. ;)