Monday, August 20, 2007

10 Year High School Reunion

I never thought I would go to my high school reunion. I didn't like high school much. I had a few good friends in lots of different cliques but nothing about the experience was fantastic for me. I don't really know what people thought of me - sometimes I think that I was a big nerd, other times I think that I was a big nobody. But really, I don't think anybody thought about me at all. Anyway, I did manage to stay in touch with a few good friends and when I found out they were going to the reunion, I decided it would be fun to go and see them again. My baby bump is starting to show, so of course I had to go shopping and find a dress that would show it off appropriately. I found the perfect outfit at Target and felt really good about seeing all those people from my past. I had soo much fun. And, as it turns out, I don't think I was a big nerd OR a big nobody - I think I was an average likeable gal. I guess I have a bit of an inferiority complex or something - I kinda thought people would forget about me - or not recognize me - but there were people who were actually looking forward to seeing me - it made me feel sooo good! Anyway, here are some pictures of my old pals! The first one is just me and Eric (and Haylie too); the second is me, Anna, Christi, and Janelle; the third is me, John, Anna, and Mike - we were all in the same 1st grade class together! Now THAT is a reunion!!


Jenn said...

Wait a minute..... you went down there and didn't stop by?? Me no understand!! How fun though-- I skipped mine.