Sunday, May 11, 2008

For My Mom

Since I'm not exactly super efficient at getting cards in the mail on time - I decided I'd write a little message to my mom here on my blog to let her know how much I love and appreciate her.

I don't know that I ever truly appreciated my mom growing up - I think as kids we sorta' take things for granted..."that's just what Mom does". I know I grew to appreciate her more when I went away to college and had to do it all myself. But now that I have children of my own...well, realization has set in. I realize now that being a mom is not easy. Keeping it all together is not easy. Cleaning up after kids day in and day out is not easy. Watching your kids grow up and make mistakes is not easy. There are four kids in my family - and I know we gave my mom a good amount of grief, but the one thing I think of when I think of my mom is her never-ending love and concern for us kids. She worries constantly about us - and is always willing to help us whenever we need it. I am so grateful for the way she raised me. I was taught right from wrong - but was given the agency to make my own decisions. I didn't always make the right decisions, and I know it must have been SO DIFFICULT for her to watch me make mistakes, but I am such a better person for it. She is incredibly talented (anyone who has seen her quilt collection can attest to that). I hope to be as good a mom to my kids as she was (and is) to me. I LOVE YOU MOM!!!

December 2007

February 2007 - boxing each other on the Wii