Monday, May 26, 2008

My Birthday Week

We celebrated my birthday in many ways this year. It was so fun! First, last weekend we went to Monterey. Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from the trip...

In the hotel room

Monterey Bay Aquarium - water washes over you - Haylie thought she was going to get wet!

Haylie refused to touch any of the animals - instead she touched the filter and called it a clam

This picture reminds me of that scene in Romeo + Juliet

Our camera has an aquarium setting and it took some really beautiful pictures

Then, on my actual birthday (the 22nd), Eric got me an ice cream cake and we celebrated quietly at home...

Then on Saturday we had a barbecue with friends...this is what the sky looked like about an hour before the party - I thought for sure we were gonna get rained on...

...but we got lucky!! It was a great party (if I do say so myself!)

The kids all got to play outside (there were 15 kiddos here ranging from age 4 months to 9 years!!) And they all played beautifully together!

My awesome friend Stefanie (click on her name to the right to check out her blog and other cool cakes she has made) made this cake for me - I didn't want to eat it because it was tooo cute!!!

And what would a frog cake be without brownie lily pads??? The lily pads even had little gummy frogs on them. It was all DELICIOUS!!!

Happy birthday to me!!! :-)

Don't forget to go to to see more pictures!


kelly said...

Cute pics. Our babies are getting to be such fun huh?! That water thing at the aquarium must be new since we went, probably about 3 years ago now, maybe 4! What a cute cake, I love it, and the lily pads.

RMCarter said...

Sounds like an awesome birthday week to me! That cake looks delish! :)