Friday, May 2, 2008

Haylie's 3rd Birthday - Take Two

We had another party for Haylie's birthday on Wednesday - she was finally feeling better and it was good timing because Grandma Jane was in town too. So I made the long-awaited Spongebob came out pretty nice - definitely could have been better, but Haylie LOVED it! I made his eyelashes and pupils out of black licorice!! And the 3 candles are supposed to be a nose.... (Oh, and please ignore the fact that her hair is all over the place - that is just what it looks like at the end of the day!)

Here's a shot of Haylie with the Soldani boys - these are her cousins that live here in town (Eric's sister Rachel's kids)
She disappeared under the table when we sang the Happy Birthday song - then wasn't quite sure about the whole blowing out the candles thing...

So Eric helped her blow them out...
Finally! A smile after opening a present!!! A cute froggy box from Grandma Jane - to put little treasures in...
And a mini Cabbage Patch doll from Aunt Rachel
She's also finally been able to enjoy the shopping cart that Grandma Jo got her. It's so nice to have my happy girl back.