Saturday, October 4, 2008

She Did It!

Haylie has always been too scared to feed the giraffe at the zoo. She always wants to and has good intentions, but freezes as soon as his dark tongue comes out! She was looking at a picture of the giraffe feeding from several months ago when I had to do it for her and she said "I feed the giraffe" and I said "No, you didn't feed the giraffe because you got scared." So she then said "I'm not scared anymore - let's do it again". So we gave it another shot yesterday and she did it! I guess she just has to make up her mind about something then it's done!


Rachel said...

Wow...what a fantastic picture:)

Jenn said...

ow, you must be so proud!

CareyClan said...

Hey- I just checked your blog and realized that we have the same background! I guess we just have good taste!