Sunday, December 7, 2008

The Mean Tree

Yesterday we went to Woodward Park with Eric's sister and her family to take pictures. Both families needed pictures taken so we took them for each other. I'll be posting our picture here on the blog shortly, but first I wanted to post this picture of Haylie. Not 2 seconds after we were finished with our photo shoot, she saw a squirrel playing under a pine tree and decided to run after it. She ran under the tree to get it and BAM! She ran right into a branch that had been cut - so it was just a hard, round piece of branch. (Thank goodness this happened AFTER our photo shoot!! It was difficult enough to get her to smile without an injury!)

If she had hit the branch just a teeny tiny bit higher up on her face, I can only imagine what kind of damage that could have done to her eye. Whew! Even so, she got a scratch and it turned the bottom of her eye a little bit purple.

So after it happened she was talking about the squirrel and how she got hurt by the tree. I said, "What a mean tree!" So today she told her nursery teachers at church that a mean tree hurt her! I thought that was so cute.


sueyado said...

Haley is adorable whether she has a "black eye" or not! Hope it heals quickly!