Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do YOU Know What a Diffuser Is???

So, I'm growing my hair out, but if there is one thing I hate, it's spending hours in the bathroom getting ready - hence the short hair for the last several years. My hair has some natural wave to it, not enough to be curly - just enough to look frizzed out and ridiculous - so I usually end up straightening it before I go out in public. Well, one day I decided to just blow it dry and leave it "wavy" - I put some "Conditioning Glaze" on it which was supposed to make it shiny and not-so-frizzy. I went to my friend's house and asked if it looked like I tried to do my hair or if it just looked like I jumped out of the shower and let nature take its course. She said that it looked cute, but perhaps a little bit frizzy. (I love that I have friends who will be honest with me and help me find a solution for my bad hair days...) She asked if I had a diffuser. I promptly replied that no, I do not. I didn't even know what a diffuser was, to be perfectly honest. So she showed me her diffuser and I thought, hmm...maybe I do have one of those...I think it came with my hair dryer.

So fast forward a few days, I start going through my cabinets to see if I can find the diffuser that came with my hair dryer. I found it, but it didn't quite look like the one my friend showed me. So I did what anybody would do - I took a picture of it and e-mailed it to my knowledgeable friend. She wrote back and said that she was not sure - because it did look quite different than hers - but said it would probably suffice.

So I left the "diffuser" out on the bathroom counter. Keep in mind that I have not talked to Eric about any of this. He came home from work and saw it on the counter and says, "Oh, did you use your diffuser today?" WHAT? I promptly started in with 20 questions: "How did YOU know that was a diffuser? Who told you that's what it's called? How in the world to YOU know what a diffuser is when I had no idea??" He just looked at me like I was nuts. But seriously, Eric is a very intelligent man, but I wouldn't exactly call him an expert when it comes to women's beauty products. Am I seriously the only one who did not know what this was??


Jenn said...

Me I don't know what it is or does? Something wonderful I hope!

Rachel said...

Eric might know what a diffuser is because I used one all through High School for my insanely naturally curly hair. It looked a bit different than yours, but maybe it introduced him to the concept. Older sisters have to be good for something right?!

Brock said...

I agree with Rachel! Oh and did you know that pickles come from cucumbers???

kelly said...

Ha, that's funny because I do know what it is and what it's for. I always threw them away when I got a new hair dryer because I always had straight hair. Now that I have a few kids, it has decided to get much wavier and where is my diffuser, probably in some landfill, dang it! I didn't know what they were for a long time though.

Clark said...

LOL, yup, knew what a diffuser is, Natalie uses one too, as her hair is just like yours, a bit wavey