Friday, June 19, 2009

More From our Trip

After we went to Disneyland, we headed down to Fallbrook. Eric took the train back to Fresno on Sunday and I went to Big Bear with my parents to meet up with my sister and her family. My sister has 4 kids ranging from 14 down to 6 years old. The girls adore them. It was so fun because the kids just ran around together and I didn't have to be so "vigilant" - you know what I mean - I didn't worry about Anna getting into stuff as much - and Haylie was so busy she didn't talk my ear off like usual!

Anna enjoying a waffle LONG after breakfast was over!

That's Anna's little face in the upstairs window (my niece was right there with her). We were out on the deck and McKaylynn called out to us and when we looked up this is what we saw. She looked so cute up there - click on the picture to make it bigger.

Taylor would sit down against the door and Anna would go up to her, turn around and scoot back and sit right next to her.

Haylie and McKaylynn on the rope swing

McKaylynn and Haylie chillin' on the hammock.

On Thursday, my awesome dad drove all 6 kids back to Fallbrook so my mom, my sister and I could have our girl time at the cabin and sew, sew, sew! (We missed you Jenn and Launa)

We had a great time and I finished FOUR projects in 2 days! Here are some pictures:
My mom gave me a "kit" to make this bag - I LOVE IT! It is the perfect size to hold coloring books and snacks for church - oh - and my hymnbook too for playing piano in RS.

I needed some summer pajamas - all I had were flannel PJs and they were just too hot. So I made these. They kinda look like clown pants but they are comfy!

The next 3 pictures are of my friend Erin and her girls. I made matching aprons for all of them for Erin's birthday.

Erin and Cami



The fourth project was a "Nursing Nook" (a name that I am going to try and register - for whatever it's worth) for my cousin Tiffany who just had a baby. I don't have a picture of the one I made - but I'm going to be posting some pics soon of some others I've made. I'm going to start selling them (I've already had one customer!) so I'll be "advertising" shortly.
I have one more round of pictures that I'll be blogging about
soon but in the meantime, click here to see more pictures.


kelly said...

I love your projects. Those aprons are very cute, great gift. The cabin looks a ton like one my family uses in Shaver. Anna does look so cute up in the window. That sounds really random! Those are my thoughts, I got less than 4 hours of sleep last night, so I guess that's why I'm struggling...

Bippert Family said...

Soooooo Cute! Do you remember the blue and white striped bag you made for me when we still lived in Fallbrook? I used it as a book bag in Jr. High. I loved that thing. You are so crafty Kristie. And those aprons are adorable! You should sell them online or something!

Kristie said...

Wow, Julie, I totally don't remember making you a bag in Jr. High!! But it makes me feel good that you remember it! ;-)