Monday, June 22, 2009

Part Three from our Trip...

...this should be the last post from our trip...I took 200+ pictures so I had to break it up! After we spent a week at the cabin, we then spent a week at my parents' house in Fallbrook. We didn't do anything too exciting - mostly hung around the house. My mom, sister, and I went and got facials one day (my aunt does a FABULOUS job) and another day we went to M&L Fabrics - a HUGE fabric store near Knott's Berry Farm. We also had a get-together with extended family - my mom's parents, her 2 sisters, and some of my cousins came. Very fun!

This is one of the tiny frogs we caught in the creek across the street from my parents' house.

This was an attempt to get a picture of ALL the cousins with their great grandma and grandpa - as you can see, getting 13 kids ages 5 weeks - 14 years to cooperate is not easy. But it was super fun to have them all together.

My sister-in-law asked about the snails in a previous post - here they are. You all know that Haylie has a love for animals much like my own - hers may even surpass mine...anyway, she went around the back yard collecting snails and putting them in this container. Then, she let them all run wild! Most of her cousins were freaking out - but she was totally content playing with them.

These are my nieces, Taylor and McKaylynn, drawing on my legs. What can I say? They were having fun.

Cousin Cami and Haylie playing in my parents' fountain. Shortly after this, Haylie slipped and fell in the fountain and hurt her bum. Fun times. ;-)
After 2 weeks of playing, though, I think we were all ready to be home. I love coming home and appreciating my home and my family after being gone for a while. And the best part was - Eric was bored without us so we came home to a spotless, clean house. Ahhh.
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Jenn said...

so glad I didn't have breakfast before I saw that snail picture. Ah fun times, fun times!! :)