Thursday, September 2, 2010

Spotlight on Anna

Well...I almost had a heart attack today at my friend Sue's house. I was picking Haylie up from her piano lesson and talking to Sue - the girls were playing with Sue's daughter - or so I thought. Out of the blue, Anna comes into the living room and shows me her fingers - all caked with nail polish. I thought for sure we were going to find nail polish spilled all over her carpets and I thought I just might die. THANKFULLY, and I don't know HOW she managed, but there was just one little drop on the computer desk where she was painting. She had 6 or 7 bottles of polish opened and not a single one spilled out. PHEW!

She peeled some of the paint off before I got the picture...but she had it on THICK - all around the tips of her fingers...

Here's my little angel after having put soap in her hair and posing adorably for the camera:

Every once in a while, she surprises me and does something really sweet and cute...she loves to sit on my lap while I sew and "help" me. (Although, I am running out of lap these days...)

She's developed a love for books and I love that she loves them! But she likes to pull them ALL off the shelf, then read...

And here she is - the picture of innocence, right?

I do love my little Anna. She keeps me on my toes and I'm sure she's giving me gray hairs, but I can't help but love that little face.


sueyado said...

Love you Anna! That was truly hilarious! I could see the color drain right out of your face! Rachel's reaction was pretty funny as well! After you left, Rachel said, "Mom, I'm so sorry! I will try to remember to put things away after I finish with them." FINALLY! I've been trying to teach her that old is she?...11 years! Thanks for the "teaching moment" today! :)

kelly said...

What a cutie and maybe it's the age but this whole post could have been about Peyton too. She has done the same thing with my polish and not spilled a drop, and does a pretty decent job polishing for her age. As for the books, she loves them and pulls a ton out first to read from. Anna is adorable and I love this age.