Monday, November 8, 2010

Enjoying the Silence

Last Wednesday, I woke up feeling "funny". I was at exactly 34 weeks pregnant and I was pretty sure I was going into labor. I had the strangest (and excruciatingly painful) feeling in my right a contraction going from my pelvis through my hip and all the way down the front of my leg. But no contractions in the usual places. I was also feeling a LOT of pressure - like the baby was trying to get out...Anyway, I went to the doctor and had a Non-Stress Test (NST) which is just a monitor placed on the belly to see if there are any contractions. I had one contraction in a 25 minute period, and my cervix was not at all dilated. But we did find that the baby had dropped down to "zero station" - which means that he is ready to come out. Here's a picture to show you what that the picture to make it bigger.

So zero station is like...that baby is knock-knock-knockin' on the door...ready to come out! (+1 means the baby is on the way out!) He was apparently sitting right on a nerve that was causing the pain in my leg. Thankfully, he moved the next day and that pain went away. However, the discmfort of having him so low is still very much present. Anyway, my doctor did not put me on bedrest "officially" but did say that I need to take it easy and stay off my feet as much as possible.

Sooo, I had friends take the girls for me that day while I was at the doctor, came home from the doctor and found two of those friends cleaning my house, making my dinner, doing my laundry, and just basically making me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Our church has a lovely program for women called the Relief Society. My friend contacted the relief society and asked for some help for me - watching the girls, bringing dinner, etc. So I have had wonderful women coming and taking Anna for me while Haylie is at school, and even getting Haylie after school and giving me the entire day to myself. I have been able to literally stay in bed all day and do my best to keep this baby happy inside my body! I am sooo grateful for all the help I've been given. It amazes me just how willing people are to help - at a moment's notice.

So we've got to keep this little dude in at least until the 17th of this month - but preferably longer. My doc did say that due to his position at this time, he probably will come early. Our c-section is scheduled December 10th...but we'll see!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me - I am truly blessed - and enjoying the silence!!! And for your viewing pleasure (haha!) here's a shot of me at 34 weeks.


Stefanie said...

Hey if you'd like I can loan you the 16th of November...I'd say it's a pretty good day to be born on!! he,he.

Alison B said...

wow! you have a wonderful ward! a great relief society. You are one lucky girl! Take it easy and hope that baby stays put for just a little longer. :) Good luck and keep us posted!!!!