Wednesday, November 17, 2010


...not so patiently. So, this baby is not due until Dec. 15. My c-section is scheduled for Dec. 10. It has become obvious that neither of those dates bear any relevance anymore. On Monday, I was having regular contractions all day - not strong ones, but regular. I had an appointment yesterday and I am already dilated 2 cm (this after being on bedrest for 2 weeks!) and the baby is still engaged at zero station. This morning, I lost my mucous plug. This little dude is ready. However, it is not in the "standard of care" to schedule a c-section before 39 weeks at Kaiser. In order for them to take the baby, I have to be contracting every 4-5 mins and dilated to at least 3 cm. So I basically have to go into labor before they will do anything. Not cool. The best part about scheduling a c-section is that there is no labor, there is no waiting and wondering. You just know. I've been spoiled, I know. So, I guess the good news is, the last two weeks of bedrest worked as far as getting us to 36 weeks safely. But now that we are safely here, I just wanna get it over with! I have no doubt that this baby is STRONG...I have the bruised ribs to prove it. Of course, I want him to be ready and healthy, etc. But the "unknown" is making me crazy! Not to mention that my doctor is going out of town this weekend, so if I do end up going into real labor then, she won't be able to be the one to do the surgery! Grrr. Anyway, this is just me being whiney. Keep is in your prayers, bless me with patience and bless this baby with strength - and let's do this already! ;-)