Thursday, June 5, 2008

Random Happenings

I uploaded a bunch of pictures from my camera today so this post is going to be a hodge podge of things from the last couple weeks.

We have some friends who have recently found a ton of baby toads in their back yard. So many that they have begun farming them out! So we (OF COURSE) willingly took a large number of them off their hands and set them free in our back yard. Haylie has a daily frog hunt and carries them around in her little pet carrier until I get worried and set them free. There have been a couple of casualties but we won't talk about that.

Taking the toadies for a ride in the Dora mobile.

Anna's First Taste of Cereal
"I'm not so sure about this..."

"Do I have to eat it, Mommy??"

"Do I have something on my face?"

She actually fell asleep with cereal in her mouth! I gave her a bite then walked away for about 3 minutes to help Haylie with this...

(Don't ask...I have no idea...)

...and came back to find her asleep. Eating is exhausting!!! She has had a rough time getting the hang of it but I have a friend who is well versed in the ways of teaching a child to eat. (It's not as easy as it looks...) She came today and taught me some techniques that I think are really going to help. We saw a lot of progress in the short time we spent with Anna today.

My Little Geisha

I have some sparkly eye shadow that Haylie likes to wear. I usually help her put it on. This time she was unsupervised. Notice the dirt on her face just under her nose and near her mouth? Such a ragamuffin! She is such a Tomboy and a girlie girl all at the same time!

Haylie made a train with the kitchen chairs and got some of her stuffed animals to be passengers. I'm not sure if she saw this on TV or what - but she did this all on her own.

Story Time

Haylie was reading stories to Anna this morning - Anna loved it!

Looking at these pictures has made me realize that Haylie's hair is a little bit out of control. I mean, she has beautiful hair, and it is really cute when I take the time to style it and I have hesitated because she had such beautiful curls, but they are starting to grow out. Maybe they will come back if her hair is shorter and not so heavy...what do you think? I just posted a poll in the right margin...Vote now!!!


RMCarter said...

Such cute pictures! I love all the frogs and what a clever idea for a train! Smart little girl you have there!

kelly said...

Very cute pics. I haven't started feeding Peyton rice cereal yet, I may need some tips and techniques from you. I love the frogs too!