Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Dad

I am a daddy's girl. Could you tell? My dad and I have always had a really special relationship and have always gotten along exceptionally well. We even have similar interests. For example, for my 19th birthday we went to Magic Mountain - just the two of us. And it became a tradition each year after that, until I had Haylie. He taught me to shoot a gun, which I enjoy very much. We both love games. Mostly word games. My dad can do a crossword puzzle like nobody else. Someday, we will be on Wheel of Fortune together and win it all. Pat Sajak won't know what hit him.

I have always valued my dad's opinion - and I tried very hard to never disappoint him. I'm sure I didn't always succeed, but he was always there to guide me in the right direction. Like the time he asked me why I hadn't started dating Eric. Eric and I were good friends for several years - and never had any romantic interest in one another. One day my dad and I were driving somewhere and he asked me why I didn't date Eric. I told him we were just friends and it wasn't like that. He told me that he thought Eric was a "fine young man" and that he'd be happy if I chose to marry someone like him. (Something along those lines) So, after that, I started to see Eric in a new light and it wasn't long after that that we started dating. Now, I believe that Eric and I would have "found" eachother sooner or later, but I truly believe my dad was inspired to have that chat with me to get me thinking in the right direction.

I am also grateful for how wonderful he is with my kids. Haylie absolutely adores Grandpa Garry. And I'm sure as Anna grows she will come to love him just like her big sister.

I love you Dad, and am so grateful for all you have done and do for me. Happy Father's Day!


RMCarter said...

What a loving tribute to your dad!

Jenn said...

sniff sniff! Your dad is the best!