Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Eric's Been Tagged!!

What's the best thing you cooked last week?
Saturday morning: Blueberry pancakes for Kristie and Haylie

If money were no object, where would you go and with who?
When I have a few extra mil’ laying around, I would go to the International Space Station. Kristie could come too...

Five things you were doing ten years ago...
1. Working six days a week at Subway 9am to 1pm, then 1:30pm to 10:30pm walk across the street to my second job at an Auto Parts Store / Gas Station / Automotive Repair Shop on Camp Pendleton.
2. Serving a mission in South Korea.
3. Eating Korean food
4. Speaking Korean. Oh wait, that part didn’t come for another 12 months after arriving in Korea.
5. Wondering if the “fire pooh” would ever end… (Koreans eat really spicy food!)

Five things on your to do list:
1. Earn MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer). I’m part way there. I’m currently a MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional). Only 5 more tests to go.
2. Earn CCNE (Cisco Certified Network Engineer). My first test of 6 is 11/30.
3. Magic Conch will Eric ever finish his Bachelor’s Degree from Fresno State? Maybe someday. (SpongeBob reference)
4. Buy my beautiful wife a new car.
5. Finish my honey do list. This may be the hardest one of all. It never stops growing.

Five favorite snacks:
1. Sugar Coated __________ (It doesn’t really matter)
2. Donuts
3. Cookies. As long as the nuts are kept to a minimum.
4. Divinity
5. Are you sensing a theme?

Five bad habits:
1. I care too much.
2. Lack of consistent exercise regimen. I could stand to lose 5 pounds. Then Kristie wouldn’t complain about my favorite snacks.
3. Too much time on the computer. I spend all day on a computer. Sometimes two or three servers at once. I try to limit my time on the computer when at home. One of the main reasons I don’t have a MySpace page or Blog. It’s good to unplug!
I’m sure Kristie could think of others.

Five favorite foods:
1. If you can grill it, I will eat it.
2. Did I mention sugar?
3. If it is typically served after dinner…
4. Cream Puffs filled with homemade chocolate pudding
5. Cheese Cake.

Top 5 places I've been:
1. Volcán Barú – Panama. Only place in the world you can see the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans at the same time. Been there! Done that!
2. Washington DC – Smithsonian
3. Niagra Falls
4. Mt. Rushmore
5. Seoul
6. Panama (Central America)
7. Mt. Whitney

Five favorite memories:
1. Seeing Kristie in the San Diego temple right before we were sealed.
2. The birth of Haylie
3. The birth of Anna ____ Metler. Jan 18, 2008
4. Returning from my mission. See my parents at the Carlsbad airport.
5. Helping Grandpa Olson repair things at Medicine Lake.


gbledsoe said...

First and last blog?? Sounds like you are not thrilled about blogging. WOW!! Who would have guessed SUGAR??