Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Need to Be Alone

Eric took my car to work yesterday so he brought the carseat in to the living room - today Haylie sat in it and buckled herself in and just sat there for the longest time - the carseat was facing the kitchen - so she was not looking at anything interesting. I took a picture of her - then she said "Mommy, I need 'lone." I said, "What, you need to be alone?" and she said "Yeah." So I left her there - staring at nothing for a few minutes, then came back and asked her if she at least wanted to face the TV so she could watch her PBS and she said yes - so I dragged her seat in front of the TV and she literally sat there, buckled into her carseat, for an hour!

This independence is a welcome relief after the week we've had. Haylie starting throwing up Monday night and never stopped. She could not hold anything down - not even water. No fever, no diarrhea, no other symptoms, she just plain couldn't eat or drink. Finally got her into the doctor yesterday and he said if she didn't start holding fluids down soon they were gonna have to get her on an IV. Ugh. Well, we threw caution to the wind last night and gave her some food - what did we have to lose? - then Eric gave her a blessing and not only did she keep the food down, but she slept peacefully through the night and is doing fabulous today. Whew. This is the second time in the last couple months that Eric has given her a blessing and she has recovered immediately. I am so grateful for his priesthood. I feel so blessed to be a member of the church and that Heavenly Father is truly aware of our needs and blesses us constantly.
Here's a pic of her Tuesday night when she was feeling rotten - she laid there in the tub quietly for the longest time - look at that face...


Jenn said...

I hear ya Haylie-- I need to be alone too!!! Hope you are getting better.