Saturday, January 17, 2009

Anna's First Birthday!

I absolutely cannot believe that Anna is a year old already! Where did the year go? For the most part, 2008 was kind of a crummy year for me - so I guess I should be glad it went by so quickly! I had a really difficult time coming up with presents for Anna since she has all of Haylie's hand-me-downs - not to mention that Christmas JUST passed and I barely knew what to get her then! So we decided to get her the Little People farm - my kids have never had Little People until this Christmas when my mom got them the Nativity. They LOVED it! So, the farm was a bit hit.

It's been difficult for Haylie to admit that the toys are Anna's, but they are sharing well. Eric's sister got Anna a Little People minivan with a mommy and a baby and our friend Stefanie made her the beautiful cake...

...and gave her a little pull-along puppy dog that barks. I didn't get any super good pictures of her digging into the cake - I got sidetracked, but she definitely enjoyed the frosting - and why is it that they automatically feel the need to put their hands in their hair when they are covered in goo? (Click the picture to make it bigger so you can see the green frosting in her hair!)

She'll stand up for long periods of time but still hasn't taken any steps. I know I'm biased but is she not stinkin' adorable?!

Happy Birthday Anna! We love you!
And as always, go to to see more pictures.


Brock said...

You are not biased she is sooo cute!! Happy Birthday Anna!

sueyado said...

I can't believe Anna is one already! She is so adorable! Happy birthday cute baby!!!

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Anna!

Bippert Family said...

Happy happy Birthday Anna! And yes, you are a little cutie petutie!