Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pampered Chef Party

Yes, I'm a total blog slacker. The good news is, my medication is starting to work and I actually want to play with my kids! Imagine that! So I haven't been on the computer much. Yea for me!

Anyway, I am sending out invitations to several people today for a Pampered Chef party I'm having at my house on Saturday, January 17 at 11:30 a.m. I wanted to post this just in case there is anybody I forgot or that I don't have an address for. You are all invited and bring your friends. Also, if any of my friends reading this live in another city or state and would like to order something, let me know and I can mail you a catalog. I know another of my friends is having a party this month as well, so there will probably be some overlap, but come anyway - it'll be fun.

So if you don't get an invitation in the next couple days and you want to come, just leave me a comment here, or call me, or e-mail me, or text me...whatever... (-:

And I will be re-entering the blogosphere shortly...


Jenn said...

I told Jeff about you having a party! This was his response "haven't you already ordered everything you want from them?" such a MAN!! My favorite is the all- measure cup thingy, no wait i love the little spatula ooooh, no my favorite is the apple, peeler, slicer contraption!!

Jenn said...

duh, i love my ice cream sandwitch maker a friend gave me for my birthday!

kelly said...

It's nice to be medicated when you really need it, isn't it. I ran out over a week ago and let me tell you that I sort of forgot how challenging life can be for me and what a spaz I really am! I will be going to the pharmacy soon though, guess I'm not ready to brave life on my own just yet!

Bippert Family said...

Hi Kristie! It's Julie. Sorry, I've been out of the loop for a while and after reading some of your more recent blogs... I'm amazed how similar we are. Sort of why my blog's been on hold since November. We should chat sometime and catch up. I'm glad to hear you're doing better, but I would sure like to to hear more! I'll try to call you this week sometime!
Love ya!