Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Best Sunday EVER!

Ok - maybe I'm being dramatic. It may not be the best Sunday EVER, but it has been a really good day. It started off with the girls sleeping in - so Eric and I were able to get ready for church and eat breakfast in peace! Then, we got the girls ready with hardly a fuss - usually Haylie fights with us about what she wants to wear, etc, but she just went with the flow today. We got to church early, and just had an all around lovely morning. So at church, Haylie had to give her very first talk in primary. She's pretty shy, but she's really been coming out of her shell lately - so I wasn't real sure if she would do it or not, but we practiced at home and she seemed excited. Well, she did it! She spoke clearly and didn't play with the microphone and didn't have any trouble at all! Her friend gave a talk too and it was very touching - I love when the Spirit is so strong in primary!

So, when we got home, Eric was making lunch and I was relaxing on the couch. Anna had gone down for a nap and I realized Haylie had disappeared. Eric said he heard her go into the bathroom. Ok - so I know I probably talk about Haylie's potty issues way too much on here - but it has been such a hassle for the last 6-9 months that I've been a bit preoccupied with it. Here's the deal: Last summer, she had become constipated - and when she went #2, it hurt, so ever since then she has been scared to do it, so she holds it and holds it 'til she can't hold it any more. For the last several months she has been going about once a week - until the last few weeks where I've been giving her a suppository and now she is going twice a week. I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to get her to understand that if she just goes every day then it won't hurt. Well, she HATES the suppositories, so I think that may have done the trick. So, on to my point. Today, she went to the bathroom, sat down on the toilet and went poop when she felt the need. She did not go hide in the other room and hold it in. She did not tell me she needed to go. She just went in the bathroom and did it herself. I know, sounds simple enough, and certainly doesn't sound like something to get excited about, but let me tell you - I did the happy dance all the way down the hall. I am crossing my fingers and praying that this is the beginning of a new era.

Happy Sunday to you all!


Jenn said...

sounds like a great Sunday to me!

sueyado said...

It's the little victories in life that mean the most!!! I'm so glad you all had such a great day!