Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who Comes Up With This Stuff??

I just ordered some makeup online - and with my order, I got to choose 3 perfume samples for free. So I clicked on the perfumes to see what they said - and this is the description for "Versace". Seriously - I'd like to meet the person who can sniff a perfume sample and think this:

"The floral, vibrant, and sensual bouquet of this new scent contains fresh, sparkling floral notes and a soft, velvety sensual finish. A transparent radiance reveals fresh dew drops sweetened by a lush hydroponic guava and hints of blackcurrant, all of which harmonize with touches of wisteria. The sumptuous and floral heart represents the true signature of the perfume, a sensual floral explosion of light and vibrant flowers: orchid, lotus flower, and nymphea delicately emphasized by a gentle marriage of jasmine and azalea. The timeless fragrance is finally enveloped by the silky softness of a veil of musk, wrapped up by the preciousness of warm and delicate kashmirwood and Moroccan cedarwood, revealing their magnificent sensuality."

Needless to say, I'm getting a sample of this stuff!!


Brock said...

It was even more awesome hearing you read it!!! I want to smell it when you get it!

Jenn said...

This makes me think of you walking through a field full of wildflowers. With the sun shimmering off of your hair,and the morning dew drops sparkling on the flower petals.

Yah, I'm not very good-- i would also like to meet the person who writes these!

sueyado said...

Wow! I have to smell it when you get it! The description actually left me a little confused!!! :)