Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Haylie's TB Test

Haylie had to get a TB shot for Preschool orientation. She is such a shy girl, and what human being likes getting shots? Well, I am so proud of her - I had to tell everyone. We went to a "clinic" at one of the local elementary schools cuz her pediatrician can't get us in for a very long time. The nurse was so clever! She drew a little cat face on Haylie's arm with a pretty sparkly pen and said "Now the cat needs a nose - I'm going to give him a nose." She asked Haylie to close her eyes, but Haylie just watched the needle go in and didn't even cry! She said "Mommy, that hurt." But she was so calm and didn't shed a single tear. So, I took her to McDonald's afterwards and got her a cheeseburger and an ice cream cone. I love seeing her grow up and turn into a "big girl".

The kitty on her arm is sorta' hard to see - but you get the point.

I think she was just as proud of herself as I was!


Jenn said...

doesn't she have to get all the other shots too? What a big girl!

kelly said...

I've seen that a lot lately. When my oldest got tb tests they didn't do that. I'll have to request it for the next 2! What a big girl.

jennifer said...

your new pictures are so great. i love the new banner and your happy couple picture.