Friday, April 30, 2010


I posted this link on Facebook already - but if there are any of you who have not seen it yet, you must click here. It is a live webcam with an up-close and personal view of a bald eagle nest located on Hornby Island which is up in Canada (British Columbia). The nest had 2 eggs in it, one of which hatched on Wednesday the 28th. Still waiting for the other to hatch. I am sort of a wildlife fanatic, so I truly cannot get enough of these eagles! You can watch them feed the little eaglet, usually the mama sits on the nest but every once in a while, she squawks and in comes the male to give her a break. He feeds the baby, and does all the same chores as the mama. For me, this is more addicting than a soap opera. ;-) If you want more info about the eagles and the people responsible for putting up the camera, etc, click here.