Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

We decided that since Haylie is in school now, we would take advantage of Spring Break and go down to visit family in San Diego. Unfortunately, Eric still had to work, so he came down with us, picked up the piano, and headed back to Fresno. But the girls and I had fun visiting Grandpa Garry, Grandma Jo, Grandpa Terry, Grandma Jane, Uncle Gavin, Aunt Launa, Shea, Remi, and even Uncle Jeff, Aunt Jenn, Addison, Morgan, Westley and Sydney.

Haylie's preschool class had a "Spring Celebration" (Translation: Easter Party) where she got to make and wear bunny ears. Her teachers all had pink noses so when she got home she wanted me to give her a pink nose too...

And of course, then Anna wanted in on the bunny action...
We spent a few days in Temecula with Gavin and Launa and their girls. Our girls play so well together, it's so fun to hang out with them!
This picture was the best out of about 10 I took - I could never get them all to look at the camera and smile at the same time!
Grandpa Terry was reading a story to the girls off of his laptop - they loved it!
This is my first Ikea experience. I think it just might be the second happiest place on Earth. ;-)
The girls and I got home just in time for Easter. Eric set up an Easter Egg hunt outside.
Haylie is holding a toy chick that Eric got - it is activated by your skin - so when you put it in your palm, it chirps. Very cute (but also very annoying!)
Happy Easter!


Jenn said...

Glad you had fun! I want to go to Ikea so bad! I passed two of them yesterday on the way to my sisters bridal shower and thought of you.