Thursday, April 29, 2010

Haylie is 5!

Haylie's birthday this year was a 3-day extravaganza! It's really fun because the Clovis Rodeo parade always falls on the weekend of Haylie's birthday - so it has been a tradition to go to the parade Saturday morning. This year, we rode our bikes along the trail and it was so nice not to have to find a parking spot! We also stopped and got donuts on the way. Yum.

That afternoon, my mom and I took Haylie out to buy some things with the birthday money Grandma Jane gave her. While we were gone, Eric assembled Haylie's new big girl bike. She was soooo excited to get a big girl bike.

Here she is waiting for cake on Sunday (her actual birthday). She looks so big and grown up!

This is a good snapshot of her gifts. She also got a drawing board/easel from Ikea with chalkboard on one side and whiteboard on the other...that has been a big hit.

Monday she got to have a little party at preschool. I made cupcakes and Haylie got to choose 5 friends to sit with her at the birthday table. She chose Anna to be one of her sweet!

Happy birthday big girl! We love you!


Alisia Faumuina said...

Haylie is such a big girl! I love that she chose Anna to be her top 5!! Adorable!! Looks like a fun filled weekend!