Monday, October 22, 2007

Girls Weekend

I went to Huntington Beach this weekend with my good friends, Erin, Becca, and Rachel. Erin's dad works down there during the week and has a nice condo very close to the beach. We had a wonderful time - drinking Martinelli's, getting our nails done, sitting on the beach, and we went to dinner at a yummy restaurant. I love getting away like this, because when I get home, I appreciate my family so much more. I couldn't wait to see Eric and Haylie and I felt so rejuvenated and ready to get back in the saddle. Haylie wouldn't let go of me for a good 20 minutes after I got home. I think it is sooo important to give yourself the opportunity to miss your kids (and let them miss you). Oh and while I was gone, Eric took Haylie to ZooBoo - a fun event at the zoo where the kids dress up and trick or treat with the animals. I'll post pics of that later...

They gave the pregnant woman a bottle of Martinelli's all to herself!!

Me and Rachel soaking our feet in the "spa"

Ready for dinner...I love spiral staircases!

This is the closest we got to a self portrait with all four of us in it!

Me, Becca, Erin, Rachel
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Jenn said...

looked like fun-- glad you got to get away.

The Gooches said...

hey, is your family okay? i heard they evacuated fall brook and i thought of you.

Stef said...

Definately jealous. I could use a weekend like that...really bad. Let me know if you ever need another one to join you. I'm game!