Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm OK!!!

Well, after a very frustrating, anxiety-ridden 24 hour wait, I got a call from my doctor saying that the ultrasound looked absolutely perfect. Nothing wrong with the baby and nothing wrong with my scar tissue. WHEW! What a relief. However, now I'm stuck with the pain - but my doctor said that it will most likely subside as I get bigger. I think the scar tissue is just feeling the pressure now that the baby is getting bigger, but it will get used to the pressure and adjust. I also found out that I have been "underdosing" myself with Tylenol. I'm always complaining that it doesn't work - well, apparently that is because I am only taking half the dose I could be taking! That should help me sleep tonight! Please enjoy the latest ultrasound pictures...she looks like a cutie patootie, doesn't she?? Maybe I'm just a weeeee bit biased...:-) The second one is proving that she is indeed still a girl - I think Eric was hoping they had made a mistake.


Jenn said...

glad you are okay and little missy is growing!