Friday, September 26, 2008

Prop 8

Here's the dealio: I hate politics. I don't like to get involved. I don't understand what's going on most of the time and call me irresponsible, but I usually let Eric do all the research then vote how he tells me to. He listens to talk radio and reads a lot - he is interested in the stuff and so I
trust him to tell me the right thing to do.

I've been VERY apprehensive to get involved in this whole Prop 8 plight. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with Prop 8, you can go to to learn more) Our church has encouraged us to get involved and go out to neighborhoods and encourage others to vote YES on Prop 8. I KNOW how important it is (because we've been told a thousand times) and I will be voting in November, but there have been some things weighing very heavily on me. For one, I have not felt comfortable going out and knocking on doors or making phone calls to encourage people to vote. Then I feel uncomfortable because I think I'm going to be judged for NOT doing those things. So a member of our bishopric said that we each need to pray about what is the right level of involvement for us, as individuals and as couples. For some, the right level of involvement may be to get out and vote. For some, knocking on doors is the way to go. I feel a lot more comfortable with the whole thing knowing that if Eric and I prayerfully decide how to proceed, we will do the right thing for us and nobody can fault us for that.

Ok, moving on...I got an e-mail about 6 things that will happen if Prop 8 does not pass. I think that most of us LDS folks have probably seen it. Well, I just saw this article on the blog of a friend of a friend. An adjunct professor at BYU Law School has taken the time to research each of the 6 claims written in that e-mail (which, by the way, could have been written by anyone - the author did not put his/her name or credentials). So, maybe this is my level of involvment - to pass along information to everyone in my reach - and further educate so that we can all say we researched and learned as much as we could rather than blindly voting for something because we were told it was the right thing to do.

I like what this man wrote, because he is in no way saying we should not vote for Prop 8 - he is simply showing us that many of the claims made are simply not accurate - and for the most part, designed to scare us into voting yes - well, he explains himself very well - much better than I am explaining it. I encourage anyone who reads by blog to click the link below. It is a long document, but I think well worth the time.

(How's this for not getting involved in politics??)


kelly said...

Thank you so much for posting that. Although I am voting yes on prop 8 it really irritates me that LDS people are passing along that document that that man refuted. It makes us look like idiots that don't know anything. I think far to many of us are just doing what we are told, which is good and right, but we need to know what it means too. I really hate politics and politicians and I did do my duty and instead of going door to door I got a call list and did that. My husband put a yes on prop 8 bumper sticker on our van, and to tell the truth, I'm very nervous about it. Whenever I'm out and about I keep thinking, "What if someone rams me, or keys my car while I'm parked..." There are lots of crazies out there you know? Anyway, I appreciate the post.