Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Urinary Tract Infection!!

Haylie's fever got up to 105 today and she had severe I called the doctor back and apparently I said the magic word because they got her right in...about stinkin' time! Apparently when I told them she had the chills a light went off in their heads and they thought it might be a urinary tract infection. So we got there and they wanted her to pee in a cup - she tried, but couldn't get enough pee to come out to be sufficient for a culture. So...I begged, I pleaded, tried to bribe her to pee some more and she wouldn't. That is when they told me that they would need to insert a catheter to get a sample. That is also when I lost it. I tried really hard to keep it together, but let's keep in mind that I am 21 weeks pregnant and hormonal AND I'm suffering from severe lack of sleep. So I asked them if it would be alright if I stepped out while they did it, because I just didn't think I could handle seeing her go through that - she was already distraught from the rectal thermometer and being touched by the doctor (she has issues with the doctor touching her - you do so much as look at her in the doctor's office and she loses it). So, I stepped out into the waiting room and cried my little eyes out while they did the catheter. She was actually fairly calm when I got back to the room - they said she did great and gave her a sticker which she promptly pushed away and said "NO!" So, sure enough, it's a urinary tract infection. They had to send the culture in to be fully evaluated to find out what bacteria is causing the infection and therefore figure out what antibiotic to put her on, but in the meantime they gave me a sample of chewable amoxicillin in the hopes that it could help bring the fever down. Only problem is, she refuses to eat it. I tried everything - grounding it and putting it in kool-aid, stuffing it into a piece of chicken, stuffing it into a marshmallow, etc. etc....she's too smart, and now she's totally on to me. Finally, I had to mash it up and mix it with water and put it into a medicine syringe. Eric held her down and I forced it down her throat. It was not pretty - but we got the job done. What a day. PS...I just ate half a pizza all by myself. Yikes.


Jenn said...

I'm so sorry!!! Not fun at all!! I went through that with Miss Morgan. They had to bag her instead and wait till she peed(sorry if you didn't want to know that!!)

Hope she gets better real soon. 105 temp is scary!!

Try to get some rest so you don't over do it! just some words of advice--make it a movie day and more pizza.