Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fun Day

I'm so sad I forgot my camera today - so I don't have any pictures to post - but thought I'd write about the day, anway. We got up early and got Eric's favorite breakfast - donuts - on the way to the zoo. It was looking very gloomy this morning and we were counting on rain, but it turned out to be absolutely perfect weather. Haylie was especially interested in the turtles at the zoo today. And, she got to feed a giraffe - you pay $2.00 for a bunch of leaves and the giraffe comes up to the fence and eats right out of your hand. She was fine at first, but when his big long tongue came out, she got a little scared - so she wouldn't hold the leaves, but she was definitely intrigued, and couldn't stop talking about it. I ask her what the giraffe did when she fed him and she sticks her tongue out as far as she can. So cute. After we were done at the zoo, we went to Playland, which is right across the street. For those of you not from Fresno, the zoo is in Roeding Park, which is sorta' like how the San Diego Zoo is located in Balboa Park - only on a MUCH smaller scale. Well, Playland is a little tiny amusement park (within Roeding Park) with little kid rides like a carousel, train, mini roller coasters, etc. It has been struggling for years and I believe it has even been closed for a while. Roeding Park hasn't always had the best reputation and they have really been trying to clean it up and eliminate the bad behavior that was taking place there...Anyway, today they opened up Playland and you could go on all the rides for free. So why not? We went on the carousel, a little train that takes you around the park, and a helicopter ride that was much like Dumbo at Disneyland. Haylie had a blast on the helicopter - she kept saying "HIGHER!!" We got home around noon and Haylie took a 3 1/2 hour nap - that's a sure sign of a fun day!


Stef said...

I was just logging on to see if you wanted to go to the zoo on Monday. My sis' and I were gonna take the kids and I know you got a pass but it looks like you had a great time today. Oh Well. Guess I will catch you someother time.

Jenn said...

What a fun and exciting day--especially starting it with donuts!!