Friday, September 7, 2007

We got a kitty!!

I didn't think we were ever going to own a cat - Eric has very strong feelings for them - in a bad way! Well, a couple days ago, Haylie and I were at the park playing when this little fella came up and played with us. He was sooo starved for attention and when we ate lunch - we realized he was starved for food too. He ate about 1/2 of my peanut butter & jelly sandwich. Then, when it was time to go...he followed us. And I let him. He was too cute - I couldn't bear to leave him there. We named him Sparky. He ate a whole can of tuna when we got to the house, and drank a bunch of water - and has hardly left the back porch. He loves climbing the tree and terrorizing the blue jays too. Eric says if he catches a gopher then he won't complain about having him here...I'm praying for gophers! :-)

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Jenn said...

neat! (happy now??)